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ALTARNUN PARISH COUNCIL Monthly Meeting Report April 2021

Five parish residents Joined the April Altarnun Parish Council meeting to speak in opposition of the proposed amendment to planning application no PA19/ 08898, for two dwellings on the former Penpont Brewery site at Trenarrett, which was approved by the planners in view of the parish council’s call to refuse it on the grounds of scale and design. The amendment under reference PA21/01148, is seeking an increase in mass to one of the two agreed dwellings and once again the parish council has, similarly, not supported the proposal and have asked the planners to enter into constructive dialogue with the members of the public who have formally written in with their comprehensive and detailed objections, and also to visit the site to gain a better understanding of the potential impact on the hamlet.

Two other, less controversial, applications were supported by the councillors, being an amended scheme for the charge of use of a barn to a dwelling, at Trecorner Farm, to that approved under PA18/09018 including the amendments to this scheme approved under PA19/00287, to include the conversion/rebuild of the existing Cargelly Farmhouse to a games room, as an extension to the dwelling. The second being a similar scheme at Tincotts, Altarnun, where the applicants want to provide an extension and remodel of existing annexe with proposed link extensions between the existing House and annexe and replace and relocate a shed. Both schemes were assessed as being in keeping with the existing developments and of good design.

One planning application which the council supported last month was reported as approved, being, reference PA21/01270 fora new stable and home office study/store to rear garden of farmhouse atBlackhill Farm Bolventor.

The clerk reported that Cornwall Council have once again supported the cutting of parish footpaths with a grant of £1904.74 and that they have also remitted the first instalments (£7000) of this years Precept and Council Tax Supplement (£120.71). The parish council always returns the latter to the community by way of grants or donations.

With regard to the footpaths, following a successful invitation to quote for the cutting contract, the Parish Council have secured a fixed price agreement running for three years to ensure stable and prudent budgeting within the figures of the current annual grant sum being awarded.

The council recently wrote to Scott Mann MP to glean progress being made further to his attendance of a meeting last year to discuss Plusha junction on the A30. Mr Mann was asked to seek support and funding for safety improvement works, in the knowledge that a scheme has been under review for many years but perceived to be too expensive to implement. The response from his office this time also stressed the chance of action being impaired by cost. The councillors, however, were not prepared to sit on their hands and accept that a viable solution cannot be contrived given the agreed and crucial need. Altarnun Parish Council has responded with the following short-term suggestions:1) Close the crossing for east bound traffic to Launceston, whilst maintaining a crossing for traffic from the west to cross the west bound carriageway. 2)Install visual speed controls/traffic calming measures 3) Install two slip roads (either side of the junction) on the west bound carriage way for exiting and joining the A30. All or some of which could be retained within the larger future scheme. We will continue to the push for Highways England to sit up and take notice.

Altarnun Parish Council meetings are to continue via Zoom until at least until May 2021 and it was agreed that the next full council meeting will take place 5th May 2021 one day before the Town & Parish council elections, to get as much business completed whilst the present council is in situ.