Covid-19 Message From Craig Dowler

Covid-19 Message From Craig Dowler

Covid-19 Message From Craig Dowler


As the current health situation unfolds, we want to remind everyone to look after their neighbour! 

During the next few weeks, maybe months, we are all going to experience unprecedented difficulties, both practical and economic. 

We don’t know exactly what will happen from one day to the next and our usual routine has seen a great deal of change already. There will be no monthly council meetings for the foreseeable future, so may I kindly ask that if there are pressing matters, that these are brought to the attention of the clerk, myself or other councillors you may know, to deal with in the most practical way given our current limitations. 

In Altarnun we are more fortunate than most, having space around us and a relatively small population, most of whom know one another. Can I just remind all residents to keep a close eye on family and neighbours, within the government guidelines that will apply from time to time. If your neighbour is subject to one of the following: living alone, elderly, not computer literate, suffering any kind of ill health, disability or disadvantage please offer to help if safe to do so or seek help from the relevant agency. 

People may need shopping, dog walking, collection of medications or simply a friendly phone conversation and it will be up to all of us to make sure that everyone in the parish eats well, stays safe and stays in touch. Our immune system needs good food, fresh air and exercise to work properly. 

Here is a regularly updated link to Cornwall Council’s latest information about the situation to keep people in the loop: 

The most vulnerable people may not see this information and so we can all make a small effort to draw attention to anything which is relevant and make sure it has been seen. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need to! 

Craig Dowler 

Chair Altarnun Parish Council. Tel: 07733309654

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